The Third Monday

Our third virtual ride. Here’s what people got up to. The answers to Neville’s Spring Quiz are now available. Find out who scored what at the virtual coffee stop.


Did the latest route this morning (Sunday), excellent with more cyclists than cars.

Tom and I did the reverse route as far as Pangbourne and then back along the bridle path by the river. About half the official route but no accidents and a really lovely day. Also Tom managed to cycle all the way up Icknield Road which is a first.

Another fabulous ride in the glorious sunshine yesterday. Sadly, I was nearly at the top of ‘The Hill’ via the golf course and then fell off as the bike mysteriously changed gear. That’s 5 – nil to The Hill. I arrived home just as Phil set out but much slower than him as follows (if you believe a very old Garmin Forerunner 405):

Time: 2.25.55, Distance 28.11, Av Speed: 11.6mph, Elev Gain: 1,372ft.

Sorry no hope with Nev’s quiz. I’ve certainly never seen most of the places in the photos – too busy trying to keep up.


Did the route as far as Pangbourne and then walked back from there. The walk took about the same time as the ride. Streatley hill was quiet and I managed my 9th fastest time up it


As the virtual ride’s a bit too far from me, I’ve already done my own thing.

Slightly longer than the prescribed ride, but a bit less ascent. Again, my average speed surprised me (13.3mph) but the main roads were as quiet as expected, and stainless Moulton’s benefiting from its recent tweaks. A cyclist in harlequin lycra passed at my southernmost point
(while I was snacking) I later caught him up in Wantage centre.

I’ve just finished lacing my Brompton Mk2 rear wheel, though it took 3 attempts to achieve diverging spokes at the valve hole (due to constraints imposed by the additional split flange) Hoping it won’t all go pear-shaped once I put tension into the spokes… thankfully, there’s no rush!

I still need to make a new disc rotor mount, and figure out how to actuate the rotary gear selector (the supplied S-A item won’t fit…)


Breeda and l completed ride today in glorious sunshine, 38km in 2hr 45min. Great downhill stretch from 4 points to Bradfield.


I did a slightly longer distance than most, as I thought it would be an idea to do a bit of a warm-up before tackling Streatley Hill. It didn’t make it much easier.
On the way home I discovered that Woodcote was now subject to lockdown, with a formidable barrier across the top of Long Toll. Later reports from Andrew indicated that it happened just before he and Tom got there.


Image preview

Went out on Tuesday – what a beautiful day! Went up Streatley around the golf course. Walked the last bit. Met Nev again doing the route in the opposite direction. Chopped the last bit off as feeling a bit peckish – swooped down Elvendon Road from Wodecote.

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