Neville’s Spring Quiz

Just to keep you amused and exercise your grey cells as you exercise your legs in the next couple of days, Neville has sprung a picture quiz on us.

Ten pictures, all from places we have cycled in the last few months and all near (but not necessarily on) this week’s route. The challenge is to identify the locations by sticking pins in a map.

How to enter

  • Download the answer sheet
  • Identify the location of each photo, before during or after the ride. If you want to have the pictures with you for reference during the ride, download and print the PDF below
  • Use Google Maps to find the coordinates of each location, as decimal latitude and longitude.
  • Right-click on the chosen location, then select What’s here.
  • Copy and paste the coordinates to the answer sheet
  • Save your completed answer sheet and email it to Neville

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