Twelth of Never Results

As lockdown eases, groups of up to 6 are allowed to gather outside at least 2m from each other. Chris, Mick, Phil and Steve gathered at Phil’s house at 9:30 on Monday – almost like old times. Traffic on Streatley Hill was still relatively quiet, but the hill was still as steep. We were met at the top by Alun and Simon, then proceeded on the planned route, stopping in the churchyard at Hampstead Norreys, where those that wanted could buy take-away refreshments from the shop next door.

As Alun said “My first picnic in a graveyard”. Neville turned up while we were there, as did Andrew and Thomas.

Five of us carried on via the planned route down the Pang Valley, others taking shorter options. Just below Hampstead Norreys there was a magnificent display of poppies in fields that a couple of weeks ago were blue with flax.

Chris showing off his balance while the poppies draw a “crowd”.

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