Ten Weeks After Results

With the easing of the Government’s Lockdown came the opportunity for us all to see each other for the first time since March. Those who wanted could even have a socially-distanced coffee at the Maharajah’s Well, either from a flask rattling around in the bottle cage on their bike, or from the Stoke Row Village Store across the road.

For a brief while, various sub-groups enjoyed reminding themselves what others looked like and catching up with news. We then went on our ways in a variety of variations on the published route.

Alan and Breeda demonstrating serious social distancing to the others.

Alun and Breeda
“Breeda and l followed a clockwise extended route via Cholsey, Benson, Swyncombe Hill, Cookley Green, Park Corner, Nuffield, Stoke Row and South Stoke, all on road 52.5 km. Lovely ride and great to meet everyone in Stoke Row.”

This was possibly the longest version of the route, and the earliest, with a 7:41 am start.

Of the people who did the anticlockwise route, Mick may have been the first back home, taking the on-road version throughout.

“Good to see you all!”

Phil (plus Neville, Simon and Steve)

Phil followed the off-road route, accompanied by Neville, Simon and Steve, though Steve stayed on the B481 from Park Corner to Cookley Green, having done the bumpy Swyncombe Estate bridleway last week.


“What a wonderful Monday, great to see all well at Stoke Row, and my extra off-road bits were easily ridable, if very slow (back at Goring 14:30…) Total 30m.”


“Tom and I did a modified off-road route; up past Braziers Park to Stoke Row then via bridleways from there towards Nuffield and then to Ipsden. A really beautiful day and lovely to see people at the Maharajahs Well.”

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