Seventh Sojourn Results


Here are the figures for my Gromil ride on Friday, a mix of the two Britwell routes.
Alas, a puncture – my 5th of the year.


I rode the Britwell off-road option today (Saturday), fabulous weather and another splendid route, thanks Nev! I didn’t know of the sunken lane near Nuffield…

I did the Britwell Hill on road route yesterday (Sunday). Cool and windy but not as bad as today.

I did the off-road on Sunday morning, while it was still moderately warm. The on-road route Monday morning was very bracing, with the stiff northerly wind.

Not much room for social distancing on the bridleway near Ipsden; better to stick to the wide (?) open road.


Breeda and l did the on road Britwell Hill ride this morning (Monday). Fine sunny weather but cold strong winds gave an added challenge.


View from our walk.


Many thanks Steve and Neville for three (THREE!!) absolutely fantastic rides this week.
Water hazards, tree roots, tree roots, stunning, stunning scenery and a big hill twice.

Attached photo: – Full PPE at New Barn Farm

Stats according to Messrs Garmin:

                            Britwell Road     Big Loop             Britwell off-road

Dist                      27.67                   46.06                   31.09

Time                     2.42                     3.50                     3.02                    

AvSp                     12.9                     12.4                     10.2

Elev Gain            1145                    1822                    1596

Lovely morning (Tuesday) – not too windy and I managed to cycle all the way up Britwell Hill

Ewelme Church – last resting place of Alice Chaucer and Jerome K Jerome

Britwell Hill – doesn’t look so bad from the top!

Took advantage of better weather on Tuesday and did short ride of the bottom half of the off-road figure of eight route with Tom. I really didn’t know much about Swan’s Way but we’ve now done two local parts recently and its really nice; I believe the whole 65 miles towards Aylesbury and Milton Keynes is Bridleway so unlike the Ridgeway in that direction, it can be cycled.

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