Clumps Cwizz Answers

Here are the official answers to the fiendish Clumps Cwizz:

Question Answer
1The first view of The Clumps, just sneaking out to the right of the coppice on which Hill?White Hill
2What is the name of the farm in front of The Clumps?Sheepcote Farm
3What is the number of this road?A4130
4What is the official name of this place?Oakley Wood (Waste Recycling Centre)
5Less than 50 m off-route on a bridleway that leads to… Where?RAF Benson
6Why could you not have taken this photo 20 years ago?Official Secrets Act
7What is the OS Grid Reference for the location from which this photo was taken? (Hint: It will help to download the image to Windows Explorer)SU 620 933
8What is the geographical feature at the bottom of this field?River Thame
9Travelling the route anti-clockwise, The Clumps appear on the right of the road only once – in which compass direction (N E S or W) from here?North
10What is the number of this road?A4074
11What is the name of the bridge?Clifton Hampden Bridge
12Why has one Clump disappeared?It’s behind the other one
13Taken from the same location as the previous photo. All roads lead to Rome, but where does this road lead (in Latin)?Calleva
14What is the name of the dodgy business visible to the left of this view?Force Vans
15The last time The Clumps are visible is from the top of which hill?Cholsey Hill

And the winner…
will be revealed during the Zoom Tea Stop this afternoon.

Chris, with 14 correct out of 15. Andrew was second with 13.

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